It has the most varieties in Japan, about 700 varieties.
The exciting treasure hunting in Huis Ten Bosch' will start!
The gold bullion of 60 million yen is waiting for you.The largest 'Golden Hall' that is surrounded by gold is open!
Hight-tech digital arts from all over the world gather to hole an international competition that competes in expressiveness of mapping.
The world's largest festival of lights with 13 million lamps
Exciting parades will march through the streets of light.
The 1st in Japan! A coaster attraction of 250m long and 11m high for single user.NEW OPEN on Mar. 1st!
VR X Motion Seat X Ride System
Spring, No.1 Firewor...
The largest in Kyushu! Please enjoy the ultimate...
Flower Japan Cup 201...
A contest to decide the best flower artist in Ja...
Dinosaurs on an uninhabited island? Super real A...
20 people play the game at the same time on the ...
Rose Festival
It's the largest rose street in Japan and also i...
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