1st in Kyushu! In golden hall, a real 'stone from Mars' is exhibited!
The attraction and photo spot in which you can have a good time with Thomas and friends come up!
Japan's largest shining Christmas market was born on the world's most beautiful illumination street!
Dinosaurs on an uninhabited island? Super real AR shooting attraction is coming!
20 people play the game at the same time on the world's hugest screen!
VR X Motion Seat X Ride System
20M high! Super hammer game newly comes up!Hit with the hammer to get a high score!
Phalaenopsis Exhibit...
It's the largest phalaenopsis exhibition with 20...
Church of Light
A fantastic space surrounded by warm candles.
Xmas Fireworks
With famous Christmas songs, the lovely heart-sh...
Christmas Champagne ...
Please enjoy a romantic Christmas in Hotel Europ...
Huis Ten Bosch Count...
Let's welcome the new year with Japan's largest ...