Thrill City
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"5D MIRACLE TOUR" is the world's first dynamic movie facilities applied on the huge SHARP multi-display.
3/20 Renew and Open
It firstly uses 156 60 inch monitors to form cube system image, a four-direction image space like a cube, by which the horror will be multiplied. You can experience a magic and thrill world which you've never seen before. It is worth your expectation. The cube system image made up with 156 60 inch monitors is the first in the world. 
This facility as the newest facility presents the wonderful images and dynamic illusion in a whole space. 
It's the new fantastic illusion that you never experienced before. "5D" refers to Dream(a space like dream)、Dramatic(dramatic space)、Discover(new discovery)、Different(two-dimensinal space)、Delight(happy experience). Not only the theater but also the "Welcome" and "Epilogue" are performed by various illumination.