Zipangu Scouting Club
Welcome Gate
Passport, passcard or annual passport required。 ※Passports are accepted for only 1 course and 1 time
The operation time may be changed or it may be temporarily closed without notice due to unavoidable circumstances.
[Zipangu Detective Club] is an role playing attration for treasure hunting by breaking the code in the [Adventure Atlas].
Now the 3rd episode [Pirate Rhode's Treasure] is ongoing! There are 5 courses including the common course, the simple course for pupils, the intermediate course for middle and senior middle school students, the advanced course for adults. 
Please come to Huis Ten Bosch with your families, loves, friends to look for "Pirate Rhode's Treasure"! 
Popular Series Revival![4 seasons] `Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter` form a series. Each season has different new puzzles.
Thanks to your support, the series revived in 1 year. 
* Price for the passport holder(only 1 time)
※ From the 2nd time or for the person without passport, ¥200. 
Zipanggu Adventure Club~ Try to find the pirate Rhode's treasure~
※Only one course for the passport holder(Only 1 time a day,charge from the 2nd time as below.) 
*Course Charge(The following passport holders can choose one course from below) 
▼Common Course
experience course (Without passport ¥200)
◇ for pupils and beginners
◇ 60 mins 
▼Recommend to beginners! 
Simple Course(Without passport, ¥300)
◇ for pupil and beginner
◇ 60 mins~120 mins.
▼Recommend to beginners! Intermediate Course(Without passport, ¥ 500) 
◇ For junior and senior middle school students and intermediate players 
◇ 3 hours~half day
▼ Experience the「Taka Rush! GP」world! Advanced Course(Without passport, ¥800)
​ for university students, adults and advanced players
◇ half day~a day 
▼ Maze high-level course! Super Exclusive Course(Without passport, ¥1000) 
Adventure game that starts from a card is ongoing!~Discover HTB(question and answer),explore to the Huis Ten Bosch street to find the keyword and solve the mysteries on the card! The `Basic` and the `Advanced` are both available.(Without passport, ¥200)
Discover HTB 
A game with all the information like question and answer marked out in foreign languages. It's not only useful for the foreigns but also for the English, Korean or Chinese learners.(Without passport, ¥200) 
~ It's popular among the school excursionists ~ 
Experience Course / It's easy for you to join in a 30 minutes' course inside Armsterdam city to experience the mystery. Strongly recommend it to the school excursionists and children.(Without passport, ¥ 200)