Ride The De Liefde
Harbor Town
Passport, passcard or annual passport required。 ※Pay Cash: ¥300
※The ship doesn't move。Take the ship when it is static. The operation time may be changed or it may be temporarily closed without notice due to unavoidable circumstances.
Come here to feel the Era of Exploration. De Liefde is a sailing ship that arrived at Japan from Netherland in 17th century.
It is restored by the Netherland shipyard. 
You can use the free clothing rental service to feel the breath of the sailors of 17th century and take a souvenir photo on the ship.
Please enjoy the beauty of the sea! Standing on the deck of the Board De Liefde to overlook the Huis Ten Bosch, you can fully feel the atmosphere of the great Era of Exploration. 
※ Visit the static ship.