Kinder Gym
Attraction Town
Passrport, passcard or annual passport is required.
※Passport are accepted for only 30min
※The children under 4years old have to pay cash ¥300(within 30min)
※ Those over 4years of age can not pay cash
※For 6 months ~12 years old children to use. In order to ensure the safety, the children must be accompanied by an adult.
A happy dream kingdom where you can have an enjoyment with you parents and friends.
It's an indoor amusement land that is good for children's "mental, intellectual and physical" development.
Children can have physical exercise while playing.
The High-Tech "Sketch Sandy Land" that combines project mapping with sand play open in a limited period. Collecting sand to make a mountain, digging sand when it snows to make the river or the sea where the fish swim, you are welcome to experience the magic sand play. It uses special sand that will never stain your hands.
*Price ¥200
「School Corner」 
A corner where the children can build house, play wood puzzles or blocks and reading picture books. 
[Baby Gym]
Children physical abilities are developing everyday. This gym offers a space for children to develop their physical abilities while playing.
The nursery room is ready.
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