The Maze
Adventure Park
Passports are accepted the first time only.
(¥300 from the second time on)
The world's largest 5-stories maze.
The Maze 
The word't largest maze! 
A huge 5-stories maze! The Maze, a 5-stories cottage in the woods, is made up of 400 blocks. 
You can freely move in this cottage to search the "Dragon Ball" and to feel the charm of this huge maze . 
The 5-stories maze is the first cottage type stereo maze in West Japan even in the world.(based on the reserchment by Huis Ten Bosch) 
Point.1 There are two doors at the entrance. Please choose one. 
The game starts from the 1st floor. You have to choose one from the two doors at the entrance. If you did a wrong choice, you will be trapped in the maze and will not reach the destination.…… Inside the maze are all kinds of doors, stairs, ladders and nets. To find the "Dragon Ball", you have to overcome the obstacles with your wisdom. 
Point 2 Continuously confirm your present position then go ahead. 
You have done both vertical and horizontal movement in the previous process, so you have to confirm your present position to judge whether you lost your direction or you are getting close to the destination. 
Point 3 There are 5 destinations. 
Only two of them have the "Dragon Ball". "Diamond Dragon Ball" and "Gold Dragon Ball". Some challengers even have no chance to see the "Dragon Ball" before being forced to exit. Please believe in your physical strength, intelligence and "fortune" and take the challenge.
The preschoolers must be accompanied by parents. 
The pram is not permitted.
Please go to the toilet before entry(The experience time would be long). 
Please follow the instructions of the staffs.