Nightmare Labo
Thrill City
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※ PG12 It has some contents unsuitable for the children under 12years of age. The agreement and instruction from parents, guardian or teacher is required. The pre-school children are not permitted.
SR Horror Attraction
Nightmare Laboratory 
The world's No.1!SR horror attraction. 
The world's first SR horror attraction. 
After a long period of research and experiment, the nightmare laboratory got succeeded in leading-out and storing up the dream, which makes the preservation and reproduction of dream possible. It's a safe game. Please rest assured to participate.
99% of your brain is being tricked. 
The world's first SR horror attraction played with head mounted display. It's difficult to distinguish the reality from illusion by SR technology. Can you hold on to the real horror experience? 
SR system is a new facility invented by Physical Chemistry Institute. It dispel the barrier between reality and illusion by linking quanta together. The reality is stealthily replaced with illusion. You can experience the illusion as if your were in reality.
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