Canal Station
Canal boat
Canal Station. 
Enjoy the cityscape on the boat please! 
A canal of 6km long extends in the Huis Ten Bosch. On the classic cruiser that travels on the canal, you can enjoy the rurality and street view while listening to the general introduction about Huis Ten Bosch in the boat. 
[Introduction about Lights and Fountains Cruise] 
It makes rainbow with illumination on the water and makes the canal more attractive with fountains and the lights on trees. Japan's first "Lights and Fountains Cruise" has been highly praised. It's ongoing ! You can enjoy the particularly beautiful scene of the illumination kingdom on the "Lights and Fountain Canal Cruiser" heading from "Welcome Gate"(entrance) towards "Tower City"(between the tower and food court) after sunset. 
(The cruiser departs at approximately every 15 minutes.) 
■ Price for the passport holders Adult ¥400,Child ¥300 For entrance ticket holders Adult ¥800,Child ¥500 
※ Adult(From middle school students),Child(Age4~primary school students) 
※ The cruiser sailing between Tower City and Welcome Gate can be used for ordinary price.(No sailing in the lights and fountain area.)
【Cruiser Passenger] 
Embark or disembark at any boarding poit for canal boats traveling between "Welcome Gate"(entrance) and "Tower City"(between the tower and food court) (The cruiser departs at approximately every 15 minutes.) 
○ Time for Canal Cruise 
Welcome Gate⇒Tower City(around 12 mins)
Tower City⇒Welcome Gate(around 12 mins) 
[Hotel Europe User] 
Please board on the "Cruise to Hotel Europe" at "Welcome Gate". The cruiser will send you to the boarding point before Hotel Europe via the Tower City(between the tower and food court). 
※ Huis Ten Bosch admission ticket required. 
○ It takes 10 mins from "Welcome Gate" to Hotel Europe. 
■ Departure from "Welcome Gate"(Entrance) (for check-in only) 
15:00, 15:18, 16:00, 16:18, 17:00, 17:18 
■ Departure from Hotel Europe(for check-out only) 
9:00, 9:23, 9:45, 10:23, 10:45, 11:23, 11:45 
※ The operation time interval would be charged by season. And the operation time and also the boarding and arrival time would be charged during the canal event time. 
■ Canal Cruiser 
*length: 14.6m width: 4.0m weight: 13.0ton 
* race: 3mile/hour(race) 
* Capacity:50 people 
* Features:The dignified and premium outer decorations are all European medieval style. It is in safety shape and use the twin screw to ensure the safe cruise on the long narrow canal.