Duck Tour
It can not be used with passport.
Adult (middle school student and the above) 2,500yen
Age3~primary school student 1,800yen
Those under Age2 500yen
An amphibious tour bus that can directly run from land to the sea! 
After traveling through the street, it goes down the slope special for yacht to the pier(Omura Bay) where the waves ripple. Please have a special experience of going down to the sea directly from land. 
■ Required Time : about 45 mins(25 mins on land+20 mins on water) 
■ Capacity: 20 people 
■ Size: 9.5m(length) , 2.4m(width),3.4m(height) 
■ The amphibious duck usually runs at 5~6km/hour.​
■ Reservation&Consultation Japan Duck Corporation TEL:0956-27-0360(9:00~17:00)(Domestic telephone number)