Sightseeing Helicopter Flight
Art Garden
1 flight based on 3people's charge (up to 3people)
Required Time of Each Routes and Price
Huis Ten Bosch 3 min ¥11,000
Saikai Bridge 5 min ¥16,000
Omura Bay 10 min ¥ 28,000
Sasebo Harbor Street 20 min ¥53,000
The impressive air tour.
Huis Ten Bosch Flight Experience. 
How about enjoying the view of Huis Ten Bosch from the sky? 
How about overlooking the Huis Ten Bosch, the Saikai Bridge that is famous for its eddy and whirling tide, and Kujukushima at peaceful Omura Bay on sunny day? 
Please come to join the helicopter tour! 
■ Charges 
※ 1 flight charges 3 people(Up to 3 people) 
The Required Time and Prices of Routes 
Huis Ten Bosch 3min ¥11,000 
Saikai Bridge 5min ¥16,000 
Omura Bay 10min ¥28,000 
Saseibo Harbor Street 20min,¥53,000 
Kujukushima 30min,¥68,000 
■Besides helicopter tour, the pick-up and delivery service is also available. 
Airport       Required Time    1 passenger     2 passengers    3 passengers 
Nagasaki       10 mins            43,200             48,600            54,000 
Fukuoka        45 mins           129,600           135,000           140,000 
※All are one way fare 
※The pick up service from the airport to Huis Ten Bosch is available. 
※ The shuttle flight is supplied for all the airports(within Kyushu) including Yufuin and Aso. Please feel free to consult with us.