Fairy-tale Wonder Woods
■ Torokko : passport required
■ Kids' Cart:¥200/3mins for passport the 1st time only.(¥500 from the 2nd time)
■ Others:Free
◎ A place filled with dreams

The vast forest that is full of discovery and surprise.
A fantastic place that is popular with preschoolers.
■ Introduction of Amusement Facilities
 · Tarzan Rope ( a mini straw rope of 15meters long)
 · Torokko​ (couple seat,for passporter holders) 
 · Kids' Cart (passport preference) 
■ Price
 Free admission to Adventure Park
 Dolly is for passport only.
 Kids' Cart requires passport for¥200/3min the 1st time only and for ¥500 from the 2nd time. If without passport, ¥500 a time.
 Other facilities are free to use after entry.
 ※ The cafe is fee-based.

■ Notice
 · This forest has best maintained the original natural landforms, so the ground is not that flat.
 · It may be temporarily closed without notice due to unavoidable circumstances.
 · No toilet in the forest, so please use the toilet before entry.
 · The forest has best maintained the natural environment, so please be careful of worms and bugs, etc.
 · The pram and wheelchair users are not allowed.
 · Those who wear slippers and mules should watch steps.
 · In addition, please follow the staffs' instructions.