Dinosaur Basket
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Age Restriction : Age3+
Let's throw balls together! 
Dinosaur Basket 
Dinosaur Basket 
The 1st in Japan! With projector technology 
a ball-playing digital attraction newly comes up! 
NEW Passport Required  Restrictions on Use. 
The 1st in Japan! Let's throw balls together! 
Dinosaur Basket 
Jan.28th (Sat) OPEN! 
Japan's 1st digital attraction 
using projector technology newly comes up! 
It's a game in which you throw balls into 2 basket, 
and then compare the quantity of balls in both sides. 
Challenge to throw balls into the baskets as many as you can , 
together with the dinosaurs that cheer you with humorous moves! 
※ The potos are only images. 
Production: Mediafront Japan Co., Ltd.