The Virtual
Harbor Town
Passport Required
The points of this game!
It will bring you to a virtual world!

"Attractions List"
[1] First in Kyushu! Super speed racing game "VR Formula"
[2] Fly to the Future VR rhythm attraction "AIR TONE"
[3] Kabedon from the handsome man who makes your heart beat faster. "Upcoming Love Whispers"
[4] The VR horror taking an abandoned hospital as the stage"VR horror story ~ Abandoned Hospital ~"
[5] "HANZO" is to play throwing knives in a virtual space.

■ Passport holders · Annual passport All contents can be enjoyed free of charge. ■ If you do not have Huis Ten Bosch Admission or you only have the Touring(Walking) Ticket, you should pay 300yen (The issued ticket can be used many times throughout the day)

A virtual game house where you can enjoy the latest game systems!
The first in Kyushu! The super-speed VR Fomula with speed of over 300km/hr is ongoing!