Welcome Gate
Service Hours
※ Meeting Time : 30min ※ You can meet dongs at the café before 20:00(Last admission is at 19:30) ※ After 20:00, only products such as coffee are available. [Normal Opening Hours]  9:00~21:00 ※ It opens until 22:00 on Friday and Saturday.
Facilities not special for passport Adult(Age13+) 880yen, Child(Age6~Age12) 580yen
※ Annual Passport Member Adult(Age13+) 780yen
※ The game corners on the 1st and 2nd floors have requirements as follows.
Those under Age13 can use the corners after 17:00 and those under Age16 can use after 18:00 only if they are accompanied by adults.
Those under Age18 can not use the corners even if they are accompanied by adults.
MAMESHIBA CAFE is a new type of cafe that you can get close to pet dogs. 
The pet dogs that wander around in the Japanese-style tatami room cheer up guests with their gentle and friendly looks. 
It's fun to watch the nature look of dogs. 
For example, big dogs take care of small puppy, dogs play together and dogs sleep leisurely. 
You can also take pictures and videos in the cafe. 
How about have a good coffee time with dogs in an traditional Japanese-style room?  
■Notes(about admission and meeting with dogs)
・This facility is available for those above Age6.
 ·  The child of Age6 ~ Age12 should be accompanied by an adult. 
 ·  It's prohibited to wear shoes with dirt or bring food into the cafe.
 ·  You can take pictures, but please do not take pictures with flash.
 ·  Don't hold a dong or take a dog in your arms.
 ·  If dogs fight, don't try to stop it with your hands. Please ask for help from    staffs.
 · If you chase dogs, treat dogs badly, disturb other guests or if you don't follow the instructions of staffs, you may inevitably be asked to leave.​