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Service Hours
10:00-21:30 ※ 9:00-23:00 on Jan.1st and Jan.2nd Open at 9:00 on Saturday, Sunday and holiday. Close at 22:00 on Friday, Saturday,Sunday and the day before holiday.
“Original Italian Style” Gelato Bar.
ViTO does special in healthy and soft Gelato ice cream.
When you have a bite, the soft ice cream melts on the tip of your tongue, leaves a light sweet, cool and refreshing taste.
Selecting and taking full use of the seasonal local fresh materials,
creating on the original method
to make beautiful Gelato ice cream…
That is ViTo ice cream.
Italian bar in accordance with the habits of
the Latin people is an elegant gathering place in daily life.​
100% of the high quality special coffee beans that espresso, a symbol of Italian culture uses are the original ViTO coffee beans.