Tower City
Nagasaki Hakata Ramen ¥900
Dandan Noodle ¥950
Drink ¥350~
The operation time may be changed or it may be temporarily closed without notice due to unavoidable circumstances.
Nagasaki Ramen restaurant that serves you the Nagasaki ramen in a neat and cozy indoor space.
Please come here to taste chef's "Pig Bone Soup Ramen" and "A Go Da Si(flying fish soup) Ramen". Besides ramen, champon and dumplings are also available. The "cold noodle set" will be served from 5/29
Hot Menu 
Cold Dandan Noodle ¥1,000 
The meat paste and sesame make a better taste. 
Cold Chinese Noodle ¥850 
It is a necessary food in summer for its pure and mild taste.