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Pork Cutlet Restaurant
Restaurant Information
◎ A cutlet restaurant that uses Nagasaki pork. 
A Nagasaki pork cutlet and fried trachurus japonicus restaurant where
you can enjoy your fry better with 6 kinds of selective sauce.
Rice · Pork Miso Soup · Cabbage Buffet!
The business day is not fixed. Please check it before using.
Food · Drinks Buffet Menu
■ Rice, Pork Miso Soup, Cabbage and Pickle Buffet  
■ Soft drinks Buffet 
6 Kinds of Selective Sauce
■ Demi Miso 
The mixture of demi glace sauce and white miso. The most popular sauce
■ Japanese Radish Sauce 
The mixture refreshing ponzu sauce and radish juice.
■ Rapple Sauce 
The sauce is made of tomato paste, celery and onion. It has mustard and lemon flavor.
■ Tartar Sauce 
The soft homemade sauce which you must have with fried shrimps.
■ Mashed Sesame 
The sauce is made of tomato paste , white miso and mashed sesame.
■ Pork Cutlet Sauce
Sweet and hot pork cutlet sauce.
※ The alcohol is available at an additional cost. 
Recommended Menu
Nagasaki Pork Tenderloin Cutlet Set                   Nagasaki Fried ​Trachurus Japonicus​
¥1,880                                                    ¥1,680