Castelo De Seafood & Porcelain New!
Harbor Town
Only in Nagasaki!
Only in Kyushu!~ 
The restaurant dealing in rice with seafood topping is open! It always serves customer the fresh food according to their preferences. 
Nagasaki where Huis Ten Bosch is located is the 2 largest seafood city. 
The fresh and delicious seafood cover the rice in the Aritayaki bowl will bring your utmost enjoyment. The Aritayaki bowl is also on sale. You can feel the glamour of Kyushu not only from vision but also from taste in this restaurant. It persists to use local fresh premium seafood for cuisine, which is highly praised in Nagasaki. "Seafood Festival" is onging on seafood square!
Nagakasi oyster, a variety of seafood barbecue and also special ramen are available.