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○ Rose Products,Imported Products

Rose Terrace

Besides various rose products, the shop also sells imported products related with Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Huis Ten Bosch original shop       groceries · stationery     accessory       


 Rose Products,Imported Products

                            Huis Ten Bosch original shop       groceries · stationery     accessory   

Rose Terrace         LocationAmsterdam City

                            Goods:〔DAMASK ROSE PRODUCTS〕rose water、rose juice、rose jam, etc.

                                          bags and stationery related with 〔Alice's Adventures in Wonderland〕

                            Business HoursFrom Sunday to Thursday 09:00~21:00 

                                                      Friday and Saturday 09:00~22:00 



This shop not only has the rose juic and rose jam which are made withDamask rose,

the rose famous for its elegant shape and rich fragrance in the world,

but also has cute rose accessories and selected rose products.



Characteristic & Point


The most popular! Damask Rose Water


The 100% natural rose water contains rose aroma and moisturizing rose ingredients.

It can increase skin elasticity and moisturize the skin

to help you to realize the natural beauty.


It can be used as a moisture lotion to your skind, hair and body.

How about taking it as a gift for yourself or for the person you love

(500ml ... 4,320 yen  200ml ... 2,160 yen 80ml ... 1,080 yen)


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Damask Rose Juice

Rose Elixir

Rose Water

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