Please explain the benefits to the disabled.
Those who bring with the Handbook of the Disabled can all get the discount, whether individuals or groups.

It is special for the customer who have the [Handbook of the Disabled](including physical and mental disabled) given by Japan’s domestic local government.


※ The handbook need to be provided when you buy tickets , please make sure the handbook is always with you.

※ The hibakusha with Health Handbook can also enjoy the same benefits with the disabled.

※ The guardians of the severely handicapped people(the 1st type or Class A indicated in the [Handbook of the Disabled])may receive the same benefits with the severely handicapped people.

※ 50% discount for ship ticket paid by cash (Canal Cruise, Thousand Sunny(※ until 2015/5/6))(Part of charter fee is excluded.)
After coming down from the express cruise, where can I buy the Huis Ten Bosch ticket? If without the ticket, how can I get to the “Welcome” area in Huis Ten Bosch?
The Huis Ten Bosch Ferry Pier(Marine Terminal) was appointed to be free zone since April 28th, 2010. After getting down from the express cruise, please step out of the marine terminal, then turn right and walk 3 minutes to the harbor gate to buy passport.

The customer without passport can not take the tour bus in Huis Ten Bosch.

If you are outside the Huis Ten Bosch or you want to get to the “Welcome” gate, please take the shuttle bus in harbor city or take a taxi.

* The free zone would also charge on pay days, please confirm with it in advance.
May I buy the ticket with credit card?
Visa and MasterCard are available。
May I buy the ticket with National Amusement Park General Coupon or gift card?
Yes, you may buy the ticket with both [National Amusement Park General Coupon] and gift card.
Besides this, is there any other tickets?
There are some other tickets with a valid period like seasonal special tickets and access ticket set. Besides this, there are also some tickets that are not directly sold by Huis Ten Bosch.
When does the Parking open?
Except Gold Week, Mid-autumn Day, the last and the first day of a year, the Parking can be used from 30 minutes before the opening hour of Huis Ten Bosch until its closing hour. The Parking in Harbor town(free zone) has the same business hours.
When does the Parking close?
1 hour after Huis Ten Bosch’s closed. The special day such as firework festival is excluded.
If I come back to the Parking over its business hours, can I exit?
Of course you can. If you have to exit after the business hour of [Schiphol], a general store besides the “Farewell” gate, please get through the gate on the left side of [Schiphol].
Does Huis Ten Bosch have regular holiday?
Huis Ten Bosch has no holiday through out the year. However, its seasonal business schedules, the business hours, closing days and regular holidays of the restaurants, shops, attractions, museums, hotels would be changed under the specific situations. Please confirm before use.
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