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Huis Ten Bosch
30-year memory photo
Large recruitment

Recruitment period: 2021/12 / 13-2022 / 3/25

Since its opening in 1992, the city has been filled with smiles every day.
Many memories have been born. Do not miss this chance,
Please send us your wonderful memories and episodes.

Photos will be posted on this page soon, and some will be held at the Huis Ten Bosch Museum.
It will be exhibited at "30 Years of Huis Ten Bosch in Photographs" (2022 / 1/29-6 / 27).


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* Early stage of opening in 1993

Period: 2022/1/29 (Sat) -6/27 (Mon)
Location: Palace Huis Ten Bosch

We will look back on the period from the opening to the present with a number of photographs and newspaper articles, and will also exhibit some of the memories we have solicited from you.

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