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Impression of flowers and light resort Huis Ten Bosch HUIS TEN BOSCH

Huis Ten Bosch largest theme park in Japan, is a "city" that is the same size as the Principality of Monaco.

It is a "beautiful city" where the city and nature are in harmony, including the European cityscape, cobblestones, and canals leading to the sea.

In the city where the flowers of the four seasons are in full bloom and the illuminations are gorgeous throughout the year, you can play to the fullest or stay overnight.

This is a “resort of flowers and light”. A fulfilling exotic experience awaits you.

1 million "tulips"

Asia's largest "rose"

Enjoy the seasons with all five senses! "City of flowers"

 "The most brilliant season of Huis Ten Bosch" will come in spring and summer. We will invite you to the real "City of Flowers" in which all of your senses will be stimulated! Starting with the "1 million Tulip Festival", which has Japan's largest number of varieties of Tulips blooming, followed by Asia's largest "Rose Festival", during which the entire city will be decorated with a cornucopia of roses. We proudly introduce our new tradition, the "Flower Festival", where you will experience spectacular parades and flower themed shows throughout the venue! Dahlias and phalaenopsis orchids will color the European town in autumn and winter.

World's largest 13 million balls

A dream night spreads! ""Kingdom of Lights""

Huis Ten Bosch Illumination is something you cannot miss when you are here! It decorates the whole town all year around changing its faces seasonally. In the autumn and the winter with crisp and clear air, it shines the most brilliantly with the world's largest 13 million lights. It's called "Kingdom of Lights". We are happy to welcome you and your loved ones to the dream and magical night!

Hotel Europe

Hotel Amsterdam

Forest Villa

You can stay in the park! "Impressive resort stay"

Huis Ten Bosch offers accommodation in the park to families who want to enjoy the experience to the fullest! Those who want to stay up late and enjoy our "Kingdom of Lights" and night shows, those who want to take a walk in the European town first thing in the morning, and those who want to enjoy Nagasaki's local seafood and world cuisines with sake as much as possible, you are very welcomed to the Huis Ten Bosch Hotels. We invite you and your loved ones to the authentic European town and stay in hotels with modern comforts and where every detail will make your visit to Huis Ten Bosch an unforgettable one!

ACTIVITY & ENTERTAINMENT Everyone from children to adults can enjoy!



Never seen this!
So Powerful and Close!

Huis Ten Bosch fireworks will bring you to a sight you have never seen before. You will be deeply moved by the "Lights and fire entertainment shows" that unfold right above your head as you need to look straight up to see the entire display and the deep bass sounds of the fireworks is likely to echo throughout the body. The biggest event we proudly introduce is the one in every spring and winter, the pyrotechnic competition called "Kyushu NO.1 Firework Festival" which is as exhilarating as the name suggests. The size of the display makes the extravaganza worth a look! "Countdown Fireworks" and "Christmas Fireworks" are very pretty in the clear winter sky. We promise not to disappoint you at every one of our firework festivals.



Nature x Digital Experience!
For all generations.
Huis Ten Bosch Attractions

Inside the park of Huis Ten Bosch, there is a cityscape like Europe, beautiful flowers that enjoy the seasons, forests, canals, and actually uninhabited islands.
There are plenty of activities that both children and adults can play together, such as "Adventure Park" where you can play to the fullest in nature, and "Jurassic Island", a digital Attractions where you can safely experience uninhabited island exploration! Children can spend a lot of energy because they can enjoy nature and digital Attractions with peace of mind.



Proudly Introduce 
"The Revue Huis Ten Bosch"
Musical Entertainment Show

One of the attractions of Huis Ten Bosch is that "authentic music and shows" are held 365 days a year, day and night, for your all-day satisfaction. "THE REVUE Huis Ten Bosch" is an all-female musical theater troupe based in HTB and has attracted a lot of fans on a lavish stage since its first stage in 2013. In 2019, "Review Huis Ten Bosch Tenko" has debuted which has its reputation for contemporary performances using Japanese drums. Feel free to come and enjoy the full-scale of real opera, music, and shows! You might be addicted to the stage entertainment shows with this opportunity.



Isn't it Miffy ??!!
"Nijntje" goods & cafe

Miffy is loved as "Nijntje-Plaus" in the country of birth, the Netherlands. Huis Ten Bosch was also born as a theme park with the same Dutch roots as Miffy. That's why we love to call her “Nijntje”. Nijntje, with the Dutch flag and clogs and a red scarf, can only be met at Huis Ten Bosch in Japan! If you want to take a break in the large park, please visit Shop "Nijntje" & "Nijntje Café".



Authentic gourmet food! Local gourmet food! Fast food too!

Nagasaki and Sasebo are not just famous for hamburgers and champon noodles!
In fact, Nagasaki Prefecture, which has Japan's longest coastline following Hokkaido,
has one of the largest seafood catches in Japan and various types of seafood are available along the rich coastline.
At Huis Ten Bosch, we offer you a variety of authentic dishes including French courses, Japanese courses called "kaiseki", and buffets.
Of course, Sasebo's original local foods such as Sasebo burger, champon, and "Turkish rice", etc. are always available.

People of all ages can choose what they want to eat, to suit their tastes and appetite. 
The whole family will enjoy those warm and friendly restaurants in Huis Ten Bosch!

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