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Message from the President

Since 2010, Huis Ten Bosch has taken on a number of challenges under Chairman Sawada and has been able to achieve a miracle revival that no one could accomplish. As a tourist area representing Nagasaki Prefecture, we recently welcome about 3 million guests annually both from Japan and overseas. Also we are now considering listing stock and attracting specified tourism complex (IR = integrated resort including casino).

And in 2019, Huis Ten Bosch now being in the new departure period with a major shift from charismatic management to organizational management. "Huis Ten Bosch, which has never been in the black since its opening, whose reconstruction could only be achieved by Chairman Sawada, who has strong charisma and leadership." We hear those messages from public and the mass media.

Picking up the baton as a next runner for our future management, we understand that it is necessary for us to shift to organizational management in which everyone narrows down their wisdom and executes it together for all of our guests to be pleased in every moment in the park. I don't think nothing would be so wonderful if we could build up that wisdom together with the voice, support and help of our guest and local community.

While inheriting the future vision of Huis Ten Bosch, which is a "tourism business city", we will work together to realize it.

President and CEO