Gyaman Gallery
Service Hours
(Nov.) Sunday~Thursday 9:00~21:30 Friday • Saturday 9:00~22:00 ※It is unavailable during the period of 3D projection mapping 'The Revival of The Dragon' or wedding ceremony.
Passport required
※The entry is not admitted during wedding ceremony. We appreciate your understanding.
※ The operation time may be changed or it may be temporarily closed without notice due to unavoidable circumstances.
※ The wheelchair users please
Here are the elegant glass artwork and the world's biggest and most attractive chandelier displayed! "Gyaman" which was popular called in Edo Period is originated from the Dutch word "DIAMANT", because it attracted people with its brilliant shine. 
The gallery with Baroque interior that is located in the Stut House of Amsterdam Square has collected the glass artwork from all over the world. The 2 floor exhibition hall displays the glass crafts produced by a variety of techniques. Cut glass with the geometrical figures carved on the surface, colored glass with red, blue and other colors made from the mixture with metals and the ivory-white opal glass made from the mixture with crushed bones, etc. The 3 floor exhibition hall displays the elegant vases from Holland, France and Italy, liquor sets and goblets, etc. For a better exhibition, the gallery deliberately reduce the indoor illumination to spotlight the beauty of the artwork. At the center of the lobby is a chandelier of 2.2 meters wide, 3.5 meters high and 750kg weight, which is made of the world's most transparent glass. 
You may enjoy the fantastic beauty of glass.