Porcelain Museum
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The ancient Imari porcelain exhibition and the exhibition of sailing boats that were widely used from 17 century to 19 century are held in Porcelain Museum.
The worldwide popular Imari porcelain does not only display the elegance of itself but also display the tracks of the communication between the East and the West. 
As is known that Imari porcelain acrossed the ocean to Europe in the middle of 17th century and was popular there. Japanese porcelain was the popular one in the over 1 million porcelains exported by Dutch East India Company and was widely used in daily life.
In addition, the porcelain decorated with metals and with red or gold design on was a necessity of interior in Europe. From the 18th century, pottery industries in other countries started to imitate the Imari porcelain, which is also popular today. 
The 1st exhibition hall displays the porcelain from China, Italy and other European countries and introduces the history of the East and West communications. 
The 2nd exhibition hall displays the upholsteries to reproduce the Europe style interiors in the heyday of Imari pottery. 
The 3rd exhibition hall displays the pottery in the late19th century which became bigger and brighter with new technologies and materials.