Teddy Bear Kingdom
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9:00~ 21:00
Passport required
The world's brand-name bears and artist-designed bears are fully exhibited.In the lovely expression is the warm world of the fairy tale.
The collection of teddy bears in this museum is up to 700.Please come here to review the innocence of childhood! That's the glamour of teddy bear.How much do your know about the widely beloved Teddy Bear? Do you know where its name comes from? Who created it? 
"Teddy Bear Kingdom" tells the unknown stories about Teddy Bear by diorama. Walking through the museum you may see the Teddy Bears from all over the world. Besides the teddy bear made by Steiff company, other expensive and precious teddy bears are also displayed. "Teddy Bear Collector's Room" displays hundreds of teddy bears and the "Artist Bear"is the exhibition hall designed by 40 world's top artists with the theme of "Family". Next to the "Artist Bear"is the "Circus Room" where the circus is performed.700 teddy bears get together here. 
Please come here to enjoy the age of innocence.