Chocolate House
Attraction Town
Service Hours
11:00-22:00 ※ It opens until 23:00 on Jan 1 and Jan 2.
Chocolate Dish
Chocolate House
You must come to see the famous "Chocolate Waterfall".
It's a special restaurant where you can taste the real chocolate.
Chocolate Dish
Chocolate House
                                                    Location: Attraction Town
                                                    Time: 11:00-22:00
The true flavor of chocolate can be tasted here. Before, the chocolate was a drink.
Chocolateria offers 50 kinds of menu including the original menu like chocolate drinks, chocolate pizza and coffee, juice, beer, other food, etc. 
At the center of Chocolate House were the "Chocolate Waterfall" which is made of liquid chocolate
falling from the ground 4.2 meters high, shops and the chocolate processing room. 
It's really a chocolate house full of fun!
Chocolate Fondue                             Chocolate Pizza
¥2,600(for 2~3 people)                       ​1,000