Domtoren Observation Platform
Tower City
The tower of 105 meters high is the landmark of Huis Ten Bosch and the milestone for the tourists because each corner of the resort can be seen from it.
The parorama and beauty of Huis Ten Bosch are both available from the gazebo on the 5th floor that is 80 meters high from the ground.
The colorful luminous night scene is also available at night./Please come here to enjoy the various expression of Huis Ten Bosch at different time. 
The anti-earthquake facility with high technology.
An anti-earthquake facility is set on the top of the tower, which ensures a happy and safe visit at Domtoren even in a strong windy day.
Supported by layers of rubber dynamic dampers, the shockabsorbing stick with a weight of 8.5t will move to the opposite direction of the earthquake and reduce the amplitude to 1/2~1/3, so tourists can visit the tower at any time without the influence of weather. 
Above the 65th floor is a fee-base area where you can also enjoy the beautiful scenery. The following charging plans all include the usage of drink bar. You can get retail service by day or by hour. It's very convenient for to have a romantic time with your love here on birthday, ceremony or proposal. 
Day Plan
■ ¥500
■ Garden;12people (sofa, highchair available)
■ 60 mins
■ No reservation
Night Plan
■¥5,000 (2 people a group)
■Garden; limited to 3 groups(love seat sofa)
■ 60 mins 
Block Booking 
■ ¥15,000 
■ Garden 12 people at most (sofa, highchair available)
■ 60 mins 
※ All the plans also requires passport, passcard or annual passport. 
※ The plan and the time would have some change on Christmas Day, New Year Countdown or Firework Festival.