Kirara (Huis Ten Bosch IFX Theater)
Attraction Town
Service Hours
9:00-21:00 (until 22:00 on Fridays and Saturdays)
Requiring passport, passcard or annual passport
※Cash is not acceptable
Required Time about 20min
[If Without the Moon]
[Mitsubishi Future Exhibition Hall@If Without the Moon] that attracted people's attentions in Love・Earth Expo is performed as [Kirara] in Huis Ten Bosch IFX Theater. The impressive images and powerful sound change with the story. The CG film with the newest technology presents a surprising earth to the audience. 
At the climax, the roof, the ground and the wall all change into screen to form an infinite-dimensional image space. So your body seems to be floating in the air surrounded by vivid images. Now come here to feel the mysterious survival on the earth. Can you imagine? The space without the moon...The designer of [If Without the Moon], Neil.F.Comins,Ph.D. asked how important is the earth environment maintenance which should be realized in the balance between the moon and the earth? 
IFX Theater 
A terminology that combined with the initial letter of " Imagination, Infinity, FX=effects". 
Totally different from the traditional theater, it's a magic theater with infinite space!