Muse Hall
Attraction Town
Passport accepted
※ Admission Ticket ¥500 a time , 1Day Ticket ¥1,000
A theater offering various performance.
You can really have an entertainment in a space full of natural light.
The Usage Information of Theater
■​ Seat Price
◎ During the performance of Huis Ten Bosch Ensemble

Premium Seat  ¥1,000日元 (The intermediate area in front of stage)
SS Seat  500 (Side areas in front of stage)
◎ Ordinary days ( Except the duration of Huis Ten Bosch Ensemble's performance) 
Free of charge

◎ Seat ticket sales time / 9 : 15 ~ (MUSE HALL)
 ※ 1 person can buy at most 3 seat tickets. 
■​ Admission Price 
The passports are accepted.
Customers without passport should buy [Muse Hall Special Ticket]as below.
・1 Time Ticket : ¥500/person (Only 1 time admission) 
・1 Day Ticket : ¥1,000/person (No limited in 1 day) 
※The ticket price for Age 4+ is the same as above.
Ticket Box:Muse Hall 
※ Due to the limited seating capacity, if the MUSE HALL is filled up, in accordance with the fire control law, no more customers can be admitted . Thank you for your understanding.
■ Camera and Recording in Theater
・​ Taking photos and recording by camera or cellphone has been prohibited. Expect your cooperation.
・​ The photo service that allows you have a photo with the members of Huis Ten Bosch Ensemble after performance has been provided since April 29th, 2015. Only the photos with the members of the ensemble are allowed. Please understand it. 
■ Pet's Entry
Pets are not permitted. 
■ Open Time of Muse Hall
1 hour before the 1st performance of MUSE HALL.