Horizon Adventure Plus
Attraction Town
Passrport, passcard or annual passport is required. ※No cash
Required Time 20min
Horizon Adventure Powers Up!
Audio and Illumination Power up! The special effect produced by latest digital technology and other special technology gives you an immersed sense. 
The mini theater simulates the real flood that happened in Netherland, using particular facilities to make flog,lightening,wave,storm and tornado.800 tons of water rushes to the audience.
A Netherlandish legend that tells people the importance of water
The legend about the sea elf named "Ran" was spread in a town of Netherland in 17th century.
An old man emphasized the importance of water to his grandsons while telling a old story, but his grandsons still wasted water. 
The sea elf came out on that night……
The children had a nightmare. The dense flog, the extremely loud lightening and thunder push the story to the climax. …… 
The Huge Horizon(stage) 
Taking the huge horizon of 18 meters high and 52 meters wide as the background, it reproduces the natural disaster the Dutches experienced and presents the landscape of Netherland at that time with powerful vision and audios and also the 800 tons of real water.