Flower Home
Harbor Town
Lunch : Set ¥1,100~Dinner : Set ¥2,100~Dinner : Single Dish ¥420~Lunch, Dinner Drink ¥350 ~
A Japanese four-season restaurant for you and your families.
The table seats are suitable for having a meal with families or friends and the matting is suitable for banquet. From udon set and donburi(rice served with toppings) to pot stew, there are all kinds of food for people of all ages. 
Please come here to taste four-season flavor dishes and enjoy the cozy and comfortable time. 
※Children's lunch and dinner menu are ready. (¥850). [1Day Parking Service for Restaurant Customers] The restaurant customers are free to use the parking lot in Harbor Town for one day. 
This way please. 
● Usage Information
● If you want to use the parking lot, please contact with the restaurant in advance. 
◎ The Restaurant with parking service
Reservation and Consultation 「 De Admiraal 」,「Kissuitei」,「Ebisuza」,「Trottiner」 
TEL:0570-064-110 「Flower Home」
TEL:0570-064-110 (Reservation Time12:00~17:00) 
※ The number of cars for parking is limited. Please confirm it before using.