Red Lobster
Harbor Town
TEL : 0956-80-4267
5/1 ~ 7/17,The restaurant rendez-vous are also free to enter into free zone even on the day it requires payment.
(Staff will check the reservation information at the entrance.)
Newly land on Kyushu!American NO.1 seafood restaurant「Red Lobster」
There are about 700 chain stores in America and 23 in Japan.
American style seafood restaurant serving fresh natural seafood like oyster, crab and shrimp, American steak, paella and shrimp cocktail, etc. As the main characters of this restaurant, the lobsters are the selected premium ones which are imported from Canada alive 2 times a week and kept in the aquarium for order. The original taste of the 1st Red Lobster in Japan is only available here.
Hot Menu
Lobster Tail and Juicy Cut Steak ¥2,480 
Red Lobster Combi Plate ¥2,980