Tower City
Roast Beef Donburi (Rice Topped with Toast Beef) ¥1,980~
Lemon Steak ¥1,680~
Navigation Dial: 0570-064-110
(Reservation Time 12:00~17:00)
The operation time may be changed or it may be temporarily closed without notice due to unavoidable circumstances.
Steak&Hamburger Steak
The Sasebo steak, "Lemon Steak" is adapted for Japanese appetite. 4 kinds of steak sauce are available to choose. The special steak made of the local beef in Nagasaki provides the original taste of the beef. ※ There are some non-reservation days. 
[Recommended Menu] 
Sasebo specialty "lemon steak". 
The beef barbecue with special lemon sauce. 
The sizzling transparent beef slices on the hot iron plate is definitely a top cuisine. Mixing the rice with the rest of the sauce, that is the real taste of Sasebo. 
Hot Menu: 
Demi-Hamburger Steak Single Item ¥ 1,680 
The set menu is also available. 
Western Style Set ¥390 (bread or rice and soup are included)
Japanese Style Set ¥390 ​(rice · miso soup · dishes)