Anchors Lounge
Harbor Town
Cake Set ¥1,400
Coffee, Black Tea ¥900
(some snacks included)
Soft Drink ¥700~
※All the service charges separate
After enjoying the lovely dessert, let's go SPA!
Enjoy your tea time with the special sweets made by patissier. As soon as you enter into the main lobby, Anchor's Lounge comes to your eyes.
Facing the inland sea,the lounge gives you a chance to view the cruise and elegant birds from its large windows. 
Sitting in the open lounge to elegantly enjoy your hotel life and also your tea time in the afternoon. [Welcome Music] is ongoing everyday. The "Night Concert" is held on weekend nights. Come and enjoy the elegant atmosphere in the lounge. 
Hot Menu Afternoon Tea Cup Set ¥3,300(tax included, service charge separate) 
※Please choose one from the three kinds of black tea as below. Darjeeling Tea 
Earl Gray Tea 
Seasonal Black Tea 
Tomato Mozzarella Sandwich It's made of fresh tomato and mozzarella cheese with special sauce. ¥1,800 (tax included, service charge separate) Mixed Sandwich Ham, egg, vegetable and tuna get together in one plate. 
Lounge Special Mixed Sandwich ¥1,800 (tax included, service charge separate) 
Unzen Pork Cutlets Sandwich The special cutlets sandwich which is made of the pork from Unzen area of Shimabara peninsula. ¥ 2,100 (tax included, service charge separate)