A Coeur Ouvert
Lunch Adult ¥2,700 Senior ¥2,400 Child ¥1,150 Baby ¥700日元Dinner Adult ¥5,200 Senior ¥4,500 Child ¥2,400 Baby ¥1,450
5/3 (Sun) ~ 5/6 (Wed) Special menu "Golden Week Buffet" is ongoing.
■Period: 5/3 (Sun) ~ 5/6 (Wed) ■Price : Adult ¥5,400, Senior ¥4,700日元, Child ¥2,600, Baby ¥1,650
Overlooking from the large windows of「A Coeur Ouvert」, the panorama of the Huis Ten Bosch park comes to your eyes. It's a buffet restaurant that use the selective food materials from Kyushu and other areas in Nagasaki to make the creative dishes that combine the Japanese cuisine and western cuisine based on French cuisine. From the main dishes to desserts, there are 30~40 dishes a day for choosing.
Loire Pair May 9th,2015(Sat)~ June 30th(Tue) The elegant buffet of Loire style which is sincerely prepared by the master chef with the fresh materials from Kyushu and other places in Nagasaki.
■ Price(tax included, service charge separate) 
[Lunch] Adult ¥2,700, Senior ¥2,400, Child ¥1,150, Baby ¥700 
[Dinner] Adult ¥5,200, Senior ¥4,500, Child ¥2,400, Baby ¥1,450 
※ Dinner time is limited in 90min. 
※Adult  middle school students~Age 65 / Senior.....Age65+ / Child.....pupil /  Baby....Age4~ preschooler 
 Breakfast Info
The buffet mainly in western style, but contains Japanese cuisine. 8 kinds of natural fermented bread and the food menus made with Nagasaki local fresh materials. Please fully enjoy the Nagasaki taste.

Broad Beans and Soy Milk mousse
Chicken Gizzard Salad Pickled with Shimabara Pork and Herb Oil
Orange Flavored Grilled Sardine and Shrimp Marine
Bonito Salad 
Spanish Jamón Serrano Ham 
Vegetable Salad

Shimabara Pork Tenderloin Steak
Nagasaki Asparagus and Squid Cream Spagetti
Potato and Tomato Cream Soup
Fresh Special Pizza
Herb Salmon
Skirtmeat Barbecued with Eggplant and Tomato 
Fried Nagasaki Natural Dorade with Anchovy Flovered Potato Chips
Orleans Style Unzen Pork Belly Stew with White Wine and Vinegar
Seasonal Vegetables with Herb and Butter Seafood Barbecue
Seafood and Beans Fried Rice
Hotel Special Hot Curry 
Hotel Special Pure Curry 
Nagasaki Sara Udon

Saseibo Raw Croaker
Seasonal Stew
Today's Sushi
Seasonal Sweet
17:30~20~30(90min Limited)
Loire Pork with Walnut Bread
Smoked Salmon with Seasonal Vegetable Salad
Orange Flavored Grilled Sardine and Shrimp Marine
Japanese Style Cold Beef and Mustard Salad
Toulouse Style Quiche with Plum Sauce
Jamón Serrano Ham
Fresh Vegetable Salad
Stick Salad
Salad Topping​

Kyushu Beef Roast and Unzen Pork Steak
Baked Bande Foie Gras and Duck Pie
Herb Fried Nagasaki Natural Dorade​ with Bourboulenc Sauce
Onion and Potato Cream Soup
Fried Shrimp
Nantes Style Gratin with Nagasaki Asparagus and Seafood
Butter Grilled Conch, Asparagus and Snail
Squid and Pumpkin Grill
Mustard Nagasaki Drum Stick
Beef Stew with 5 Sorts of Beans and Tomato Soup
Today's Special Pizza
Hotel Special Hot Curry 
Hotel Special Pure Curry
Nagasaki Barley Paste Soup
〈Dessert and Fruit〉 
Saseibo Raw Croaker
Seasonal Stew
Today's Sushi
Seasonal Sweet