Food Court Terrace
Tower City
Sasebo Burger ¥630~
Drink ¥250~
The operation time may be changed or it may be temporarily closed without notice due to unavoidable circumstances.
Gourmets get together in Huis Ten Bosch!
Food Court collects and perfectly show the originalities and characteristics of 6 restaurants. Located on the best place by the canal and besides the Domtoren Observation Platform, it collects the delicious restaurants of different favors in one place. A variety of special sweets are also on sale. Please come here to have a taste! 
■ Oyster barbecue[Marumo Seafood Products ] Cooks with the oyster from Kujukushima. 
You can never enjoy this quantity and price in other places 
■ Drinks 「Salue Seoul」 The original Sasebo barbecue menu and drinks ara ready. 
■ Rice Served with Topping「Tower City Terrace」 Using the selective Kyushu local materials to make best taste! Rice Served with Lemon Steak is available. 
■ Kebab「Bachmann Kebab」Persists to the original Persian taste. 
■ Fruit and Dessert 「Fruit Paradise」 [Sasebo Hamburger] 
■「Bikken Bikken」(a restaurant run directly by Huis Ten Bosch) Making the patties with 100% real Wagyu beef and the Kyushu local fresh vegetables.