Cart Taxi
[Pick-up Service] 300yen/person(The type of vehicle depends on the number of passengers.) / [Huis Ten Bosch Tour] 20 minutes / 2,200 yen, 30 minutes / 3,000 yen ~
This is the point!
Cart taxi tour is very convenient in the following situation!
■ Recommended for first-time visitors. It takes more than an hour to walk around the large park. How about going all around by a cart taxi, and visit your favorite places in the nine divided areas first?

· There are three types of vehicles (The biggest type can hold up to 20 passengers).
· Wheelchairs and strollers can be folded and loaded (some vehicles do not have this service).
· You can also contact us by phone. (Time specified is not accepted). Domestic Telephone Number 0956-27-0245 (Reception is from 10:00 to the closing time.)
It's a kind of taxi to help you move conveniently in Huis Ten Bosch.
Cart Taxi picks up and drop off visitors in Huis Ten Bosch. Pick up the visitors everywhere in the park.
Taking a Cart Taxi, you can take your time to talk with the driver and enjoy the beautiful scene of European streets.