Sightseeing Helicopter Flight
Art Garden
It can not be used with passport.
11,000yen ~ ※1 flight based on the total charge of 3 passengers (up to 3 passengers)※There are also time-limited plans.
The time of departure and landing may be changed due to events or weather condition. Sometimes the flight may be cancelled.
◎ Airport Shuttle Service
Course: Nagasaki Airport - Huis Ten Bosch single trip 2 people: 48,600 yen (Approx.10 min)
S・G・C SAGA AVIATION CO.,LTD. TEL : 080-1544-2052 (10:00 ~ 17:00) (Domestic Telephone Number)
How about enjoying the view of Huis Ten Bosch from the sky? 
How about overlooking the Huis Ten Bosch, the Saikai Bridge that is famous for its eddy and whirling tide, and Kujukushima at peaceful Omura Bay on sunny day? 
Please come to join the helicopter tour! 
【Tour Flight Price 】※A flight can only take 3 passengers at most.

· Huis Ten Bosch Course (requiring Approx. 3 min)  1 flight 11,000 yen

· West-coast Bridge Course (requiring Approx. 5 min) 1 flight 16,000 yen

· Oomura  Course(requiring Approx. 10 min) 1 flight 28,000 yen 

· Sasebo  Course (requiring Approx. 20 min) 1 flight 53,000 yen 
· Ku Island Course (requiring Approx. 30 min) 1 flight 68,000 yen