Sky Castle
Service Hours
9:00-20:00 ※Friday and Saturday 21:00
Passport can use it free.
​· Preschoolers are not admitted.
​· The primary school students under 12 need to be accompanied by a protector(The middle school student and the above).
​· Those under 12 need to get protector's(Age18+) sign on an agreement before using.
​· Those under 110cm are not adimitted.
​· Those who have physical or health problem(especially heart disease) are not admitted.
​· Those wearing inappropriate clothes(slipper, mule and skirt) are not admitted.
(Shoes and pants can be rented(¥500 for each item.)
​ · Those who didn't read carefully and sign an agreement are not admitted.

※ Those who use the professional course must enter the castle 1 hour before closing.
【Business Time in Feb.】
※2/3~2/24 closed
◎ Sky Adventure up to 9 meters high!

Challenge the thrill adventure course that is made up of various obstacles such as suspension bridges and rope nets. From the beginning to the end, the highest position reaches 9 meters.
Join in the adventure by your intelligence and courage!