Super Trick Art
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09:00 ~ 21:00 ※ Friday and Saturday 22:00
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◎ A novel and unique gallery .

Part of exhibition contents have been changed since February 2016. Please pay attention to the new works.
A illusion world built by illumination and perspective comes up!
The amazing trick art by which you can feel that people walk in the air, the house is upside-down and the Kangaroo runs out from the wall.

"Trick Art", the special art that changes 2D world into 3D world can be appreciated here. Please come into the fantastic world built by illumination and perspective to enjoy a good time with your children.  
What is trick art?
Trick art is a special art that realize the 3D effects from the 2D pictuires. 展示的所All the exhibitions are the pictures on the wall. You can" touch it", "take photos" and "have a fun". You are attracted by the 3D effects although you have already know that they are 2D pictures. Those who visit this art trap can experience the trick art by eyes and hands.
● Step back, the 3D effect will be more obvious. If the space is limited, please try to watch with one eye or through the camera.
●  Please watch the picture while walking or change you position to watch it from different direction, you will get different visual effects.
●  All the pictures are touchable. If you doubt "Is it a real plane?", please touch it.
● Different from the ordinary gallery, it's possible to use flash when you take photos. Please try to sit in the picture or shake hands with the people on the pictures to have an interesting photo. (When taking a picture, to prevent reflection, please tilt slightly.)