VR house
Attraction Town
We have brought a huge selection of VR games under one roof! There are plenty of games that are only available here, so be sure to try them out!
- You must be 8 years old and above to enter (Children under 13 years of age must be accompanied by an adult). Certain games are only for children age 13 years and above.

- You must wear the VR mask for all games.

- You may bring your own VR mask to use or you can use VR mask for free


- Ultra Reverse Bungee: Go on a bungee jump into space!​

- Blast x Blast: An exciting first person shooting game.

- VR Block Breaker: A fun balance game to play with your friend. 

- Mune-kyun, Kabe-don: A dating simulation VR that will set your heart a flutter!

- Project Falcon: An exciting first person shooting game.

- BotsNew OF THE DEAD: A virtual reality haunted house.

- BotsNewPlayer: Ride a high-speed rollercoaster, visit a planetarium and more in this VR simulation game.

- 360Channel: Step inside a video in this VR simulation.

- VR Customer Coaster: Ride a CG coaster in this exciting game!

- Take a commemorative photo with a 360 degree camera: Experience the power of RICOH THETA, a 360 degree camera.

- Space War: Fight the enemy as the captain of a space ship in this thrilling shooting game.

- Linked-door: Experience the next-generation method of communication in this VR communication game.

- Count Number 360: A brain-training game that uses motion sensors. Fun for the whole family!