Miffy Café
Service Hours
Meal 500yen~, Drink 350yen~
Western-style food and dessert
Location: Amsterdam City
A café in which you can have a good time with Miffy.
Miffy Café 
Please come to try Miffy menu that contains no flour, egg or milk and is gluten free.
It's a café that prepares anti-allergy menu for you.
​​A café in which you can have a good time with Miffy.​
​Miffy Café ​
Please enjoy the lovely menu decorated with Miffy.


A pretty café decorated with Miffy that is loved around the world. It's always full of joy.

The curry and dessert which are decorated with Miffy or made in Miffy shape are always really popular.

You can have a happy time with children in this café that is like a comic book and also you can appreciate the European scene through the window  to enjoy a relaxing time. 


Concept & Poit


In order to let all the people enjoy the same menu, the café​ uses no flour, egg or milk, etc.


When you have a meal together with your family or friends,

you will be happier if you can enjoy the same menu.

To avoid that one of your families or friends can not enjoy the same menu with you because of allergy,

the ​café​ has prepared a menu made of special materials that will not cause allergy. 

All the materials are noted.




Curry Set(Salad, drink and a doll are included)
Bread Cake Set(A drink is included.)
Japanese-style Sweets Set(A drink is included)
All kinds of drinks
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