Sky Rail Coaster Windstorm
Passport can use it free.
The people as follows can not use the facility:
· The child under school age can not be admitted.
· The child under 110cm tall.
· The child under the age of 12 must get consent from his or her protector(above Age18).
· Those over 90kg can not use the facility.
· Those who have anxiety about physical health (especially heart disease).
· Those who wear in wrong clothes.(Sandals, mules, skirts are not admitted.)
(Free rental of shoes and pants.)
· Those who do not read the introduction or those who do not sign the agreement.
It may stop due to thunder, heavy rain, heavy fog and strong winds.
It's the 1st one in Japan! A thrilling rail coaster on which you hangs and slides comes up!​
In an outdoor area of the Adventure Park, where you can also enjoy the nature, Japan's largest rail coaster attraction newly comes up! It's Japan's 1st attraction for single person to dive and slide from 11 meters high, to shake his or her body violently from side to side and to see the forest swiftly passing through the eyes. 
The thriller that you have never experienced before!
【Thriller 1]You start the game from a height of the 3rd floor of a building! Take your courage and dive into the forest!
【Thriller 2]Once you start to slide you can not stop !! Can you run through the course of 250 meters long?
【Thriller 3]The rail around the forest is wide open ! Would you like to enjoy the feeling of shaking yourself from side to side!?