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A traditional Castella store founded in 1624. 
The magic of hands connect time and heart.
Since its founding in 1624, we have made only Castella until today. 
Castella is the mixture of Eastern and Western culture.
We adhere to the unchanging hand-made traditional method. 
With the spirit of respecting the traditional method and pursuing innovation,
we have kept listening to the voice of the times and have insisted on originality. 
We will also continue to pass on this touching and sincere traditional taste.
■ Product 
Castella No.0.6 / 1,188yen
Castella No.1 / 1,890yen
Fukusaya Cube / 270yen
Special Gosan-yaki Castella / 2,916yen
Hand-made 8 pieces / 810yen