Golden Palace
Harbor Town
Passport required
※ Only passport holders can use it。
Notice: Wheelchair users can not use it.
The total amount of gold displayed is worth 800 million yen!!! 
The palace surrounded by gold appears in the Palace Huis Ten Bosch! 
The pyramid of gold bullion and gold crafts are exhibited. A gorgeous world that you have never seen before is unfolded. 
Please experience the gold in the 'Golden Palace'!
1st exhibition hall - Really luck UP! , 'Golden Hall' 
The floor, the wall and the ceiling are all golden. A shining golden  space appears! The wall and the ceiling were gilded one by one by artisans with 24K gold leaves.
2nd exhibition hall - You can actually touch it!?, Heavy and heavy 'gold bullion'
In the center of the room is a golden pyramid.We can actually take the gold bullion of 60 million yen!
3rd exhibition hall - The largest number of exhibits in Japan! Many exhibits of gold arts and crafts.
It's the largest exhibition in Japan with more than 100 gold arts and crafts exhibited, such as gold coins, zodiacs and Buddha statues! A gold Pegasus of 162cm high is also exhibited!
* More than 60 "gold crafts" are on sale.