Abandoned Hospital
Thrill City
Passport required
Recommended for Age13+.
※ Parental consent is required for children at the age of 8~12.
You should wear a VR sanitary mask in VR games.
VR · AR attractions require you to use VR · AR sanitary mask.
※ The mask is supplied free of charge in the facility and you can bring your mask in or share the mask with other people.
※ The mask can also be used at other VR / AR attractions.

※ Please understand beforehand that there is a possibility of causing motion sickness during VR experience.
※ If you are pregnant or have heart disease, please refrain from using it.
Even if you turn your face, it is still there… 
Even if you want to pass through it, you still can not pass through the ghost spot. It's possible to experience it by VR. 
It's a horror exploration attraction surrounded by eerie atmosphere and wandering ghosts.