Amazing Journey INFINITY
Thrill City
Passport required
It's point!

This is an unknown experience beyond reality!
Start the journey from Huis Ten Bosch. "Amazing Journey INFINITY" will take you to a infinite world you have never seen. You can see, listen, make something, taste, discover something and be moved in this journey by its INFINITY.
Please come to experience the superb view of the world in a visual space that no one has ever seen. 
"Amazing Journey INFINITY" is a video system surrounded by 156 60-inch LCD monitors 
inviting you to have a space travel 
with realistic video from all directions.  
Love the Earth to infinity 

​The world consisted of hands and hands, 
smile and smile, 
heart and heart, 
people and people
is peaceful and beautiful.
Now, we will guide you through an unexpected journey beyond imagination.