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Huis Ten Bosch 30 lap special site

New Tuly

With Huis Ten Bosch celebrating its 30th anniversary,
Tuly has also been reborn!

Hello , everyone! I'm New "Tully"!
Nice to meet you !
I can't wait to see you !

Curious and lively
Flower fairy girl.
With a treasure tulip-shaped wand
You can also light up the city at night ♪

~ Favorite thing ~
Taking a walk in the city
Collecting glitter

Tuly 's story

01. How was Tuly born?

02. Flower Festival

03. Special day

04. The promised adventure

05. Longing party

NEW! 06. Princess Story

Tuly 's LINE stickers are here!
Let's use it now ♪

Tully's LINE stamp
Now available!

Get it for free!

All 8 types

Get additional friends

It has been closed because it has reached the upper limit due to its popularity.

For those who want a lot!

All 40 species

Download period: January 7th ~
Selling price: 50 coins (120 yen including tax)

In addition, original goods
Appeared one after another!


Tully's friends,
Leuk and Luna ♪