Can we buy ticket in advance?
If you want to buy a ticket beforehand, you can buy it through travel agency.
Or you may get it from our online ticket system.
What kind of tickets are available?
There are tickets for admission and use of qualifying facilities.

For example,

“Afternoon Ticket” is a ticket can be used from afternoon. 

“Official Hotel Ticket” is a ticket only available for hotel guests.

"VIP Premium Ticket" is a ticket can enjoy most of the park's paid facilities for free! & free use of "Exclusive Lounge". 

Please buy a ticket according to your itinerary and check the details of ticket type on
It seems that I lost something in Huis Ten Bosch.
Please contact the following address.
Is it possible to bring bicycle, skate board and scooter in ?
For the safety of other customers, bikes, skateboards, scooters are prohibited in the theme park. We ask for your understanding.
I want to hire a car.
Please use the "Toyota rental lease Nagasaki Huis Ten Bosch branch" at the Welcome Gate of Huis Ten Bosch. Because we need to prepare the car, if you need, please contact us as soon as possible.
Can photos and videos taken in Huis Ten Bosch be personal use?
It is not a problem for customers to use pictures and videos taken in Huis Ten Bosch for personal purpose. However, when it is displayed on the homepage, blog, etc., the personal page also corresponds to the public use. Please fill in the homepage address, contents, name, and contact information beforehand.

● Notes About Posting Pictures on Personal Homepages and Blogs
. We will refuse the homepage which contains the contents that damage the reputation of Huis Ten Bosch or is detrimental to it. Please deeply concern the portrait rights and the privacy protection.
Even if you take photos for personal use, please don’t posting photographs in which other customers’ faces can be identified. If something goes wrong, we do not take any responsibility when a problem arises. The photos or videos on personal websites, blogs or any other sites are not allowed to be supplied to the third part.
Scenery of Huis Ten Bosch and its possessions are copyrighted. If you wish to use it for commercial purposes, please contact the following address.
Is there any dos and don’ts when taking photos and videos in Huis Ten Bosch?
It is not a problem for an individual customer to shoot for a non-commercial purpose, but taking photos may not be possible depending on the place or situation. Please check the following beforehand.

● Notes About Taking Pictures in Huis Ten Bosch
Please do not taking pictures at places where there is a prohibition of shooting such as attraction facilities, museums, event venues. Please ask the restaurant staff about shooting. Please understand that it may be refused according to the situation. Do not infringe on portrait rights of other customers when taking pictures. Please do not shoot in the restricted area. If you wish to shoot for commercial purposes, please ask for permission in advance. Please contact the following address.
Can I download the pictures and videos from the homepage?
It is strictly forbidden to download and use the images from the Huis Ten Bosch homepage.
If you need to use a photo of the scenery of Huis Ten Bosch in a website or any printed matter, please fill in the purpose of use and contact us.
If you wish to use it for commercial purposes, please contact the following address.
Can I set a link to Huis Ten Bosch on personal website?
A. If you would like to link to the website of Huis Ten Bosch, please fill in the URL and purpose of the link, then contact us.
As a general rule, please link to the first page (
● Notes About Links
1. We will refuse the link of the homepage which contains the contents that damage the reputation of Huis Ten Bosch or is detrimental to it.
2. Huis Ten Bosch's logos and marks are registered trademarks. If you wish to use, please contact us.
3. Do not use the link itself as a means of sales.
4. Should not be linked to the frame links, etc. in the case of the linked content is unclear
5. If you have any other questions, please contact us.
Contact us:
How big is Huis Ten Bosch?
Huis Ten Bosch covers 152,000 square meters
It is about 33 times bigger than Tokyo Dome and about twice the size of Tokyo Disneyland.
What does “Huis Ten Bosch” mean?
. "Huis Ten Bosch" in Dutch means "house in the woods." "Huis" is house, "bosch" is forest, "ten" is a preposition. It is now named as the place where authorized to reproduce the current palace of the Dutch "Palace Huis Ten Bosch".
What is porter service?
It’s a service to carry luggage for customers in limited region inside Huis Ten Bosch. (payment required)
Is there any storage locker?
Coin lockers are available at the Welcome Gate(Entrance), Canal Cruise Ferry in Welcome Zone, Attraction Town, Canal Cruise Ferry in Tower City and Marine Terminal.  Besides this, the Yamato Transport Center next to Farewell Gate(Departure Hall) supplies luggage deposit service for a fee.
Is it possible to buy Moonlight4 passport in advance?
Yes, it’s possible to buy the passport at Japan’s local convenience stores.

Appointed Store: Lawson, Family Mart, Seven Eleven, Circle K & Sunkus, Ticket Pia, e Plus, etc.
Is the passport bought before but unused still valid?
If no expiry time on the ticket, it can be replaced with the present new ticket. The unused old ticket can not be directly used. It must be exchanged at the ticket office or according to the admission information at the harbor gate. Then the ticket becomes effective.